Help Promote Turandot

As you’re well aware, Turandot opens on October 13 and runs until October 21. As the show approaches we thought it would be helpful to give you some tools and tips to ensure it is a success. Here's what you can do...

Follow Vancouver Opera online and share our updates

We post daily updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Liking and sharing these updates will help promote Turandot. If you are posting something related to the show, please tag us. Our handles are @VancouverOpera on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The hashtag for this production is #TurandotVO.

If you ever get any good behind the scenes photos and video, I would love to see this so we can share through Vancouver Opera channels.  I would also love to see photos and video of big crowds and curtain calls. 


Share the Turandot Trailers


Video is a great way to get people excited on Facebook and LinkedIn. It's embedded above and you can also view it on YouTube here:

The trailer is also pinned to the top of our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/vancouveropera.

To share it with your friends on Facebook, simply hit the share button. 

share the trailer2.gif

We also have 15 and 30 second versions that are small enough to download to your phones and post directly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Invite your friends on Facebook to turandot

We have an event up on Facebook and inviting your friends/family/acquaintances to it is the quickest and most effective way to let everyone know about the production.

If everyone reading this page took 5 minutes to invite 50-100 friends, that easily be over 10,000 people receiving notifications and reminders about Turandot. 

Here is the link to the event:

To invite your friends, simply hit the share button, select the friends you think would be interested in Turandot, then hit Send Invitations. 


$40 under 40 promotion

We have a discount code running for our $40 under 40 promotion. This code allows those under 40 to purchase seats for only $40. This is an amazing deal and in some instances allows one to save over $100/ticket. 

The discount code 6795. Feel free to share this code far and wide! We have also created a graphic for this promotion below. Right click, save it to your phone or computer, then share!

Purchase tickets at http://tickets.vancouveropera.ca/single/EventListing.aspx



Graphics to share online

We have created a variety of graphics for you to promote Turandot with. You can share these or use them as your profile pictures on social networks to help spread the work.

Right click, save it to your phone or computer, then share! Check back often as we'll be adding more all the time. 

questions? I'm here to help!

If you have any questions, you can always email me (Michael Mann) at mmann@vancouveropera.ca. Or message me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram